Past Vintages

2016 Vintage

Rosé 2016, Blind Creek Vineyard, Cawston, BC. $21.65 + tax ($24.90) (196 cases)

A crisp, refreshing, dry and savoury rosé. The nose shows juicy red fruit like strawberry, red berries, some orange zest, spice and savoury dried herb notes. The palate is dry, crisp and refreshing with bright red fruit, some savoury lees texture and complexity and a long finish with stony mineral notes that speak of the Similkameen Valley.

2016 Pied de Cuve Orange    $30.99 + tax ($34.90) (67 cases)

Orange-gold in colour and slightly cloudy it shows intense and complex aromas of orange oil, bergamot, potpourri, peach skin, pineapple, dried apricot, rose flower water, clove and Turkish Delight that keeps unfolding in the glass. The palate is dry, crisp and textured with blood orange zest, spice and subtle grippy tannins with a very long finish.

2016 Pied de Cuve Blind Creek Vineyard Cabernet Franc    $30.99 + tax ($34.90) (60 cases)

A juicy, medium bodied vibrant and lively Cabernet Franc molded more in the style of the Loire Valley than typical BC Cab Franc. Deliberately unfined and unfiltered this wine is cloudy in the glass. It pops with crunchy, fresh mixed berries, savoury dried wild herbs, floral violet notes, earth, leather and spice and has a long, fresh juicy finish.

2015 Vintage

Riesling 2015,  Mulberry Tree Vineyard, Cawston, BC. $26 + tax ($29.90) (170 cases)

Intensely flavoured, racy and mineral, the 2015 Riesling is in the typical Little Farm style – all about power and minerality. Lime zest, green apple and hints of exotic tangerine with a little stone fruit lead into a long, electric finish full of oyster shell minerality. Bone dry with high acidity there is a richness to the mid-palate texture from 10 months ageing on the lees to balance the zippy acidity.

Chardonnay 2015, Mulberry Tree Vineyard, Cawston, BC. $26 + tax ($29.90) (110 cases)

The 2015 Chardonnay shows a lovely texture, complex hazelnut notes, peach and nectarine stone fruit, lemon and crisp, racy, stony mineral acidity. The early harvest gave perfectly ripe fruit and the calcium carbonate soils from the Mulberry Tree Vineyard maintained lovely acidity. Crisp, racy, mineral and long with layers of texture from the barrel fermentation and ageing.

Pied de Cuve Chardonnay 2015, Mulberry Tree Vineyard, Cawston, BC. $30.99 + tax ($34.90) (55 cases)

The 2015 Pied de Cuve Chardonnay is a pure expression of our Mulberry Tree Vineyard. The nose shows a complex mix of lemon, nectarine and apple fruit with savoury lees notes, subtle nutty oak from the neutral barrel fermentation, lemon zest and lots of stony minerality showing the calcium carbonate soils. The texture is seamless and the flavours of hazelnut, citrus and stone fruit up front finish with intense minerality and electricity on the long finish.

Pied de Cuve Riesling 2015, Mulberry Tree Vineyard, Cawston, BC. $26 + tax ($29.90) (80 cases)

The Pied de Cuve wines seem to achieve a different texture and flavour profile than our other wines. There is a seamless nature to the texture and flavours that runs from the nose through to the finish. The nose shows complex exotic citrus notes, lime and lemon, golden apple, Asian pear and savoury lees notes. The palate is dry and crisp yet richly textured with intense apple, pear, honeycomb, lemon and lime and an intense, stony, mineral finish.

Rosé 2015, Blind Creek Vineyard, Cawston, BC. $21.65 + tax ($24.90) (155 cases)

A crisp, dry, savoury and refreshing rosé. The nose combines red plum, strawberry, dried herbs, baking spices, savoury lees and orange zest. The palate is dry, crisp and lively with a nice mid-palate texture from ageing half the wine on the lees in old neutral barrels. The long finish shows the typical stony minerality that is the hallmark of the Similkameen Valley.

2014 Vintage

Riesling 2014, Mulberry Tree Vineyard, Cawston, BC. $26 + tax ($29.90) (110 cases)

The 2014 Riesling had ideal ripening allowing for both intensity of flavour and the trademark racy mineral acidity. The nose shows lime zest, exotic citrus, golden apple, peach, nectarine and some complex earthy, lees and wet rock notes. The palate is dry, racy, mineral and fresh with high juicy acidity, lots of chalky minerality, lime juice, lemon, granny smith apple, fresh green herbs, apricot, peach, green papaya with oyster shell and wet rock on the long, powerful finish. Drink now or cellar for a decade and more.     [tech sheet]

Chardonnay 2014, Mulberry Tree Vineyard, Cawston, BC. $26 + tax ($29.90) (72 cases)

A wine that really speaks of the fantastic 2014 vintage and also the low manipulation style of Little Farm. The complex nose shows toasted hazelnut, lemon, chalk, oyster shell, savoury lees notes and nectarine and peach. The palate is racy and crisp, packed with wet rock minerality, lemon, grapefruit, nectarine, complex nut and lees notes with great texture. Then the long, powerful, finish kicks in with the citrus and mineral flavours lingering refreshingly on the palate.     [tech sheet]

Rosé 2014, Blind Creek Vineyard, Cawston, BC. $21.65 + tax ($24.90) (175 cases)

The warm 2014 vintage produced an excellent rosé but there is nothing candied about this wine. It is dry, crisp, savoury and refreshing. And so drinkable. The nose shows dried sage, orange zest, savoury lees, a touch of burlap and ripe raspberry, cherry and plum. The palate is dry and fresh with crisp, zingy acidity and plenty of mid-palate texture from lees aging in old neutral barrels. Then the Similkameen mineral, stony note kicks in and blends with the mixed berry fruit, dried wild herbs through a long, crisp finish.     [tech sheet]

2013 Vintage

Riesling 2013, Mulberry Tree Vineyard, Cawston, BC. $26 + tax ($29.90) (115 cases)

The 2013 vintage produced a very intensely flavoured Riesling with both exotic aromas and flavours and its trademark core of chalky minerality. The nose shows exotic citrus fruits like tangerine and mandarin orange along with apple, lime and peach with some underlying savoury lees and baking spice notes in the background. The palate is bone dry with crisp acidity, and a forceful, intense mineral core that lingers through a very long finish while lime zest, lemon, apple, spice, chalk, nectarine and blood orange notes evolve and unfold on the palate. A wine for now or to develop in the cellar for perhaps a decade.     [tech sheet]

Chardonnay 2013, Mulberry Tree Vineyard, Cawston, BC. $29.90 (68 cases)

The 2013 vintage combines ripe stone fruit, apple, hazelnut, ctirus and savoury lees notes with the trademark steely acidity and long, intense chalky, mineral backbone. The nose starts off subtle showing complex peach, cantaloupe melon and lemon overlaying hazelnut and lees. Dry with crisp, refreshing acidity and a medium body, the palate has great texture with a creamy mid-palate and flavours of nectarine, lemon and savoury lees notes before the intense oyster shell minerality kicks in on the long, electric and satisfying finish.   [tech sheet]

Rosé 2013, Blind Creek Vineyard, Cawston, BC. $24.90 (170 cases)

Not a tutti fruitti or candied rosé but rather a serious, dry, crisp, juicy, refreshing and powerful wine to pair with both food and sunshine. The nose shows savoury lees, dried sage and orange zest along with strawberry, raspberry, cranberry and hints of violet, black pepper and chalk. The palate is dry with crisp acidity and enough body to make it a versatile food wine. Mouthwateringly fresh lemon, lime, strawberry, dried thyme and mineral, leesy flavours linger on a long, fresh finish.    [tech sheet]

2012 Vintage

Chardonnay 2012, Mulberry Tree Vineyard, Cawston, BC. $29.90 (25 cases)

The warm 2012 vintage has resulted in some beautiful stone fruit and citrus flavours and aromas that wrap nicely around the chalky, crisp mineral core. The nose is subtle but opens in the glass with lemon, hazelnut, cantaloupe melon, golden apple and stone fruit notes. The palate is dry and quite full with a rich mid palate and creamy texture and choux pastry and savoury notes from the lees contact. Flavours of nectarine, peach skin, ruby grapefruit zest, pineapple and the soil’s characteristic steel, chalk and oyster shell notes linger on a long complex finish.  [tech sheet]

Riesling 2012, Mulberry Tree Vineyard, Cawston, BC. $29.90 (55 cases)

The warm 2012 vintage has produced an intensely flavoured Riesling showing the strong minerality from the calcium carbonate soil combined with powerful lime, stone fruit, exotic citrus and floral notes. Aromas of ripe golden apple, nectarine, white peach, lime, pear and honeysuckle with pastry and baking spice notes keep unfolding in the glass. The palate is dry and intense with crisp acidity and a steely backbone showing lime, golden apple, mandarin & blood orange with lingering chalk, oyster shell and mineral notes on the long lazer-like finish.  [tech sheet]

Rosé 2012, Blind Creek Vineyard, Cawston, BC. $24.90 (111 cases)

This is a serious rosé. It is bone dry, intense in flavour and crisp, fresh and long. The nose shows red currant, strawberry, dried thyme, sage, freshly carved rare roast, clove, orange zest and jalapeño pepper aromas. The palate is savoury and dry with mouth-watering acidity, zingy minerality, tart red fruit, baking spice and a long, crisp lemon zest and chalk finish. Not a simple fruity rosé, but rather a serious food wine.  [tech sheet]


2011 Vintage

Chardonnay 2011, Mulberry Tree Vineyard, Cawston, BC. $29.90 (22 cases)

Little Farm Winery 2011 ChardonnayThe 2011 Chardonnay tastes of the vineyard in which it is grown showing fresh lemon, grapefruit, apple, subtle cantaloupe melon and complex hazelnut, toasted almond, hints of bacon, caramel and lees aromas. The palate is lively with crisp acidity and intense flavours of lemon, apple, grapefruit, savoury lees, toasted almond and great chalky-mineral length from the calcium carbonate rich soil. [tech sheet]


Riesling 2011, Mulberry Tree Vineyard, Cawston, BC. $29.90 (34 cases)

Little Farm Winery 2011 RieslingThe 2011 Riesling is a pure expression of the vineyard showcasing the minerality derived from the calcium carbonate soil. Aromas of apple, chalk, honeydew melon, lemon and lime zest lead on to an unashamedly dry and steely palate with lime juice like intensity and lots of powerful mineral flavours. The acidity is high and crisp and racy with the lime and lemon flavours followed by complex mandarin, stone fruit, honeydew melon and chalk with great length. [tech sheet]