Media Releases, Wine Info & Bottle/Label Shots

Media Releases:

Little Farm Builds New Winery Building & Goes Organic – June 2014

Rhys Pender MW and Alishan Driediger Launch Little Farm Winery – May 2013

Tech Sheets, Bottle & Label Shots:

2016 Vintage

Riesling 2016     [Label]     [tech sheet]      [Bottle Shot]

Riesling Pied de Cuve 2016     [Label]      [tech sheet]     [Bottle Shot]

Orange Pied de Cuve 2016     [Label]      [tech sheet]      [Bottle Shot]

Chardonnay 2016     [Label]     [tech sheet]      [Bottle Shot]

Chardonnay Pied de Cuve 2016     [Label]      [tech sheet]     [Bottle Shot]

Chardonnay New-ish Oak 2016     [Label]

Rosé 2016     [Label]      [tech sheet]     [Bottle Shot]

Cabernet Franc Pied de Cuve 2016     [Label]     [tech sheet]     [Bottle Shot]


2015 Vintage

Riesling 2015     [Tech Sheet]     [Label]     [Bottle Shot]

Riesling Pied de Cuve 2015     [Tech Sheet]     [Label]     [Bottle Shot]

Chardonnay 2015     [Tech Sheet]     [Label]      [Bottle Shot]

Chardonnay Pied de Cuve 2015     [Tech Sheet]     [Label]      [Bottle Shot]

Rosé 2015     [Tech Sheet]     [Label]      [Bottle Shot]

Cabernet Franc Pied de Cuve 2015     [Bottle Shot]


2014 Vintage

Riesling 2014     [Tech Sheet]     [Label]     [Bottle Shot]

Chardonnay 2014     [Tech Sheet]     [Label]     [Bottle Shot]

Rosé 2014     [tech sheet]     [Label]     [Bottle Shot]


2013 Vintage

Riesling 2013     [Tech Sheet]     [Label]

Chardonnay 2013     [Tech Sheet]     [Label]

Rosé 2013     [Tech Sheet]     [Label]


2012 Vintage

Riesling 2012     [Tech Sheet]     [Bottle Shot]

Chardonnay 2012     [Tech Sheet]     [Bottle Shot]

Rosé 2012     [Tech Sheet]     [Bottle Shot]


2011 Vintage

Riesling 2011     [Tech Sheet]     [Bottle Shot]

Chardonnay 2011     [Tech Sheet]     [Bottle Shot]


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