Mulberry Tree Vineyard

IMG_8915Mulberry Tree Vineyard, our home site, is situated in the sunny, windy and rugged climate of Cawston, BC. A lone mulberry tree sits in the middle of the Riesling block, giving the vineyard its name. The five-acre property was purchased in 2008, the existing orchard cleared and the initial 4 acre planting of Chardonnay (2 acres) and Riesling (2 acres) taking place in 2009. Due to a harsh winter in 2009 further vines were planted in 2010, 2011 and 2012. Three different clones of Chardonnay were planted and six different clones of Riesling to give added complexity.

The key feature of the site is its complex soil which is very heavy in calcium carbonate giving distinct minerality to the wine. This soil combined with the relentless Similkameen wind and long hours of sunlight combine to give small, intensely flavoured clusters of grapes, a low yield and a great range of flavour.

As part of creating biodiversity and caring for our little farm only organic techniques are used. Our home Mulberry Tree Vineyard became certified organic in April 2015. Weeds are controlled by mowing in between the rows and with a grape hoe under the vines. Native plant species are encouraged to flower in the spring bringing with them a diverse range of creatures and natural control of many potential vineyard pests.


Blind Creek Vineyard

Blind Creek Vineyard 2015The Cabernet Franc grapes for the Rosé and Pied de Cuve Cabernet Franc are sourced from Blind Creek. Blind Creek Vineyard sits on the bench in Cawston just over a kilometre from Mulberry Tree Vineyard. The Cabernet Franc grapes are picked early to make the Little Farm Rosé and our light and juicy Pied de Cuve Cabernet Franc. The Blind Creek Vineyard seems to share many similar soil characteristics to Mulberry Tree Vineyard as the wines always have a distinct minerality.